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Spray Tan FAQs

How long does a spray tan last?

Your spray tan should last 5-10 days, depending on your skin type and how well you take care of your spray tan. It will start to gradually fade before this time. This is because the skin will naturally continue to regenerate itself and old skin cells will begin to wear away to reveal paler skin beneath. It is very important to keep your skin moisturised after your spray tan, avoiding long baths or showers and spas/hot tubs. Moisturise your body twice a day. Salt water exposure or a chlorinated pool can also shorten your spray tan.

What do I wear during and after my spray tan?

You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. We can also provide you with a disposable g-string and/or strapless disposable bra if need be.

After being spray tanned it is recommended to wear loose dark cotton clothing with slip on shoes so as not to leave any marks or rub the spray tan off the skin. Tight fitting clothing will rub the spray tan and leave patchy uneven marks.

I have sensitive skin, can I get a spray tan?

If you have eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis it is best to patch test your skin before deciding to go ahead with being spray tanned. The solutions I use contain natural and organic ingredients and do not have any chemicals or alcohol in the solution for your skin to react to.

How long does it take to get a spray tan?

It often takes approximately 15 minutes to get a spray tan (including drying time). However please allow up to 30 mins for new clients for a quick chat, to fill in a client information form and for me to check your skin tones/undertones etc..

How do you prepare for a spray tan?

  • Exfoliate 1-2 days prior to your appontment to remove dead, dry skin cells.

  • Undertake personal hair removal a minimum of 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment.

  • Moisturise heavily the evening prior to your appointment to rehydrate your skin. This will be the last time you use moisturiser until 24 hours after your spray tan appointment. DO NOT use moisturiser on your skin again prior to your spray tan appointment.

  • On the day of your appointment wash, shower and lightly exfoliate using water only BUT Do not shower within 3 hours of your spray tan appointment. To get the best results for your spray tan your skins pH level needs to be at its standard level of around pH5.5 and skin temperature normal. Using water and/or products can elevate your skins natural pH levels. The higher your skin's pH is the more chance you have of the tan resulting in a golden or orange result.

  • When you arrive to your appointment your skin should be completely free of any moisturizer, body gels, deodorant, makeup or perfumes.

  • Wear lose-fitting, dark clothing to your session.

Did my tan washed off in the shower?

During your shower you will notice some colour washing away. Don't worry... this is not your tan coming off, it's just the excess colour guide/bronzer that is still sitting on your skin. Your colour will continue to develop over 24 hours.

Can I get my legs waxed before or after my spray tan?

We recommend to wax at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. It is not advisable to get a wax after being spray tanned. Waxing can remove the top layer of the skin which will remove the top layer of the tan and leave the tan looking uneven and patchy.

Can I shave my legs before or after my spray tan?

We DO NOT recommend shaving your legs the same day as your appointment. If you do wish to do so make sure that you give your legs a light exfoliation (with water only) after shaving to make sure that al

l excess product has been removed from the skin. However, you must not shower or shave your legs within 3 hours of your appointment timeslot. We cannot guarantee a perfect result should you shave the same day as your appointment.

If you shave after your spray tan application you will accelerate the exfoliating process. You can also cause your spray tan to exfoliate unevenly leaving the spray tan looking patchy.

Have any other tanning questions? Feel free to email or call 0411254141 and we will happily help you.

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