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Updated: Jun 28

flyer cheerleader stunting

Our Spray Tan technicians are not only fully qualified and certified but also have years of personal experience as a Cheerleading and/or Dance performer themselves.

We know Performance Tans!

  • Dance Spray Tans

  • Cheerleading Tans

Every-day tans are different to Performance Tans.

They should be

  • notably darker and bolder

  • flawless all over

  • durable & longer lasting

  • look natural and have a healthy appearance

Performers and athletes put tans through conditions most every day people don't encounter, such as stage lighting and costumes and high perspiration.

This is why only the skills and professional products from a trained spray tan technician is able to produce an immaculate Performance Spray Tan.

Ask us about our Mobile Tans and Group Booking Discount Rates.

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