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Self Tanning Pro Prep and After-Care Tips

Updated: May 18

NEVER TOO TAN self tanning mousse may be applied and cared for as you would any other brand however we want you to get the best results, every time! So therefore, we have compiled a step by step list of hints and industry secret tips which will help you get the very best professional looking results, longevity and natural appearance from your self tanning application.

BEFORE YOUR TAN • For best results NEVER TOO TAN recommends that you shower and exfoliate your skin thoroughly 1-2 days before your application. Especially in areas of dry skin such as knees, elbows, ankles and tops of feet. Ensuring to remove any old tans. • Waxing and/or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before your tan. • Wash hair if needed as it should NOT be done on the day of your tan.

ON THE EVENING PRIOR TO YOUR SELF-TAN APPLICATION • Ensure to moisturise your body heavily to re-hydrate your skin. • DO NOT USE moisturiser again until 24 hours AFTER application.

ON THE DAY OF YOUR TAN • Shower and lightly exfoliate your body using water only and do not shower within

3 HOURS of your application. To get the best results from your self tan your skin's pH levels should be as close to normal as possible (around 5.5) and normal temperature. Using water and/or products close to your application or left on your skin can alter the pH levels and can result in an orange or golden effect. • DO NOT use any soap or body wash and DO NOT wash hair during your shower as this can leave a barrier on your skin and this would alter your skin's PH levels and prevent the full colour from developing properly, which can result in the tan appearing golden, orange or even green! To prevent this from happening your skin MUST be completely free of any moisturizer, body gels, deodorant, makeup or perfumes. You may like to remove with a baby wipe, and wait until the skin has dried before application.

AFTER TAN • Wear loose, dark clothing after your tan application. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing, jewellery, watches and shoes until tan has developed. Any minor excess bronzer will wash out of most fabric. • Avoid wetting your skin and avoid activities that will cause over perspiration between the tanning and showering phase. • You may shower after 2-8 hours (depending on solution and desired look). Your first shower afterwards you will notice the excess solution will rinse off in the shower, don't panic this isn't your tan, just the excess bronzer. • To ensure your tan develops naturally NEVER TOO TAN recommends you refrain from using shower gel, soap, deodorant, moisturiser etc until 24 hours from your Tan time has passed. • After each shower, always pat your skin dry with your towel, DO NOT rub.

24 HOURS AFTER TAN • Moisturize daily with a good quality moisturiser to prevent skin from drying out and to help maintain a long-lasting tan. • Using hot baths, chlorinated pools, and spas will reduce the life of your tan

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