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Pro Self Tanning Application Tips For Beginners

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

You will need:

  1. Exfoliating mitt

  2. Tanning mitt

  3. Moisturiser

  4. Wash cloth or Baby wipes

  5. Tanning mousse

  6. Hair tie

  7. Clean kabuki make up brush (optional)

  8. Loose dark clothing to apply afterwards

Beginner step by step tips and tricks for professional application and natural appearance.


Shave, wash hair then exfoliate with mitt and water over entire body to remove any residue on the skin from your shower products. Pay extra attention to elbows, knees, feet and any other areas that appear dry. Get ready for the day as usual, avoid putting any perfume or body sprays on the skin.


Body application

  • Remove make-up and deodorant with water and wash cloth or unscented baby wipes. Wait for skin to dry.

  • Apply moisturiser on hands.

  • Put hair up into a bun.

  • Put tanning mitt on and shake the tanning mousse bottle well.

  • Pump 2-3 pumps onto tanning mitt and begin applying to lower leg in circular motions avoiding the feet and knee area at this stage. Drag the mousse to the upper half of the leg, pump extra 2-3 pumps as required. Once applied all over leg, lightly swipe over the knee area with what ever is left on the mitt, to ensure entire leg is covered. Blend lightly before the mousse dries to ensure no visible streaks or lines.

  • Repeat for other leg. Then apply a second coat to each leg.

  • Apply 2-3 pumps to mitt and apply to top part of the arms, drag the mousse to the underside of the arm, avoid elbow and wrist areas. Lightly drag the remainder over the armpit area.

  • Avoid approx. 2-3 cms from the inside of the wrist, this will be blended with a brush later.

  • Once mousse has spread all areas, use the remainder on the mitt to lightly swipe the elbow to ensure the entire arm area is covered from wrist upwards.

  • Repeat for other arm. Then apply a second coat to each arm. Blend lightly before the mousse dries to ensure no visible streaks or lines.

  • Pump 3 pumps for torso, breast and décolletage, apply in circular motions until blended. Once dry, apply second coat.

  • If you are able to reach your back area, apply 3 pumps to your mitt and apply. Alternatively, ask someone help apply to this area or place the mousse mitt inside a egg flipper or wooden spoon to help reach this area.

  • Once dry, apply a second coat.

Hands, Face and Feet application

These areas of the body have a thinner layer of skin and can also be drier than other parts of the body. This is why it is really important that these areas do not have as much tanning mousse applied to give a natural appearance. We recommend applying these areas with a kabuki brush to ensure a flawless look.


  • Apply moisturiser to hands and let them dry.

  • Shake mousse and pump half a pump onto your tanning mitt and lightly dab your clean kabuki brush to pick up a small amount of tanning mousse.

  • Starting at the top of the hand, dab the brush and drag over the hand in circular motions. Dragging the mousse down the fingers. Ensure to bend fingers, making a "claw" to ensure the mousse gets between the wrinkles and cracks of the fingers.

  • Check that the top part of the hands are covered nicely in all areas. Do not apply too much mousse to the hands.

  • Use a baby wipe and swipe over the palms of your hands to ensure no tan is left on them.

  • Using what is left from the brush, lightly blend the wrist area.

  • Repeat for other hand, only one coat is required. Do not apply a second coat.


  • Repeat this technique for the feet, starting on the top of the foot and dragging the solution to the toes and blending between toes.

  • Check around ankles to make sure it is covered.

  • Stretch out the ankle so no lines appear and blend the brush over this area.

  • Check application is smooth and evenly applied.


  • Apply one pump of tanning mousse to your application mitt.

  • Dab your kabuki brush into the mousse and using circular motions, ensure the mousse is coating the end of the brush evenly.

  • Start by applying mousse to face in a similar manner as you would apply bronzer. Starting with the cheek bone are, the sides of the nose, the forehead and neck. Applying more mousse to the brush as needed.

  • Once you have applied to these areas, use the remainder of what is on the mitt to apply to the brush and cover the rest of the face and ears to blend.

Once you have applied to whole body, you can start your timer now and leave the mousse on the skin for the amount of time to achieve your desired shade.

1 hour - LIGHT

2-3 hours - MEDIUM DARK

4+ hours - DARK

Once you have reached your allocated time, rinse in the shower with water only (no products) until the water runs clear.

You will see your skin begin to tan over the next few hours. One you have reach 8-12 hours, your tan will be fully developed.

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