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Selecting the correct COLOUR BASE for your skin type

Many people have been scared off by self-tan products and spray tans simply because they choose a shade or depth of colour that doesn’t suit their skin and it ended in an un-natural, shade... dare we say.... ORANGE!!

Skin comes in many different types, tones and undertones, and that's why we have designed our range in 3 different colour bases to ensure to suit the many possibilities.

Check out our tips below or send us a message and we will help you find your perfect colour base to suit your skin.

GREEN BASE 💚 suits most skin tones and helps to counteract any cool/pink undertones to give a gorgeous natural olive brown tan result. Great for people with a blueish look to their skin, who usually burn in the sun. For fair skin and/or red or natural blonde hair it is recommended to start with a 1-2 hour rinse time for your first use. To ensure the tan develops a natural colour.

VIOLET BASE 💜 suits naturally olive complexions or people who are fair or medium but tan naturally quite easily. Great for people with a warm or neutral undertones. The colour correcting formula helps to counteract any yellow/golden undertones to give a gorgeous rich brown tan result.

CLEAR BASE 🤍 is a game changer!! You can literally head out immediately afterwards without anyone knowing you haven't had your first rinse. No scent, no bronzer, no sticky feeling. Suits all skin tones and undertones.

Also great for people who intend on wearing a light coloured outfit for an event (eg white dress) as there is no bronzer in this mousse so there is absolutely no wear off.

Works with your natural skin tones and helps to achieve the most beautiful natural looking tan. We recommended you perfect your self tan technique prior to using our clear base, this is because there is no bronzer colour added to this mousse, however it does leave a slight glimmer on the skin whilst it's wet to help with application.


When applying a tan, if you go too dark, it can sometimes look un-natural. To avoid this we have made the following recommendations.

If you have red hair and fair-skin, we recommend to go between two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Individuals with naturally dark complexions should aim towards three to four shades darker to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Never Too Tan

0411 254 141

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